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Scoring well on tests, becoming an excellent student, and being admitted to your choice of school is not just a dream. At IvyPath Tutoring, we tailor our tutoring to your needs to help you achieve your goals. We’ll help you build your academic fundamentals and improve your critical thinking abilities, making you a stronger student.
IvyPath offers online or in-person tutoring and consulting services from students at the country’s top universities. Our online system is equipped with advanced technologies that include two-way video, audio, whiteboard, and file-sharing systems that guarantee an immersive and exciting experience. In addition, our online scheduler provides students and tutors with a controlled learning environment designed to maximize flexibility, because we’re all busy!
IvyPath also offers college admissions consultation and essay reading, for those students looking to get an edge on their application process. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to and work with students at the colleges and universities you want to go to.
We also believe that parental communication is a critical element to successful tutoring. At IvyPath, students, tutors, and parents are all a part of the same team, and IvyPath listens to feedback from all parties to provide the most successful experiences for our students. Whether you just need some help with Biology homework, or don’t know what to put on your Common App, we can help.

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What Do We Offer

Students from junior high to high school
Homework help
School Exam, Project
Standardized test prep
College Admission Consultant and Essay